We’ve all heard the saying, “Music is good for the soul.” But according to the evidence, it’s good for your health as well. Study after study has found that music therapy has a positive effect on a broad range of health conditions.

This afternoon Warne House residents were entertained by a trio of local artists turned musicians. Cherrelle, Josephine and Andre all share both a love of music and a passion for community engagement. All three are no strangers to Eventide Homes; Andre is a member of staff, and Cherrelle and Josephine are regular volunteers at Eventide Homes hosting Art Classes for our residents each month.

Performing under the stage name of ‘Crash and Burn’ the trio have recently joined forces to entertain the residents of Eventide Homes on a regular basis, performing familiar songs, encouraging residents to sing along, dance or simply just take in the music. This afternoon’s performance quickly brought smiles to faces and everyone joined in the fun, with some even hitting the dance floor.

Thank You Cherrelle, Josephine and Andre for enhancing the lives of our residents.