COVID-19 Information

The health and safety of residents is our first priority and we appreciate your
support in the measures we are taking to make Eventide Homes the safest possible place for residents.

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Communication you can expect in the event we have a positive COVID-19 case here at Eventide.

Communication Information


In the event that we have a positive COVID-19 case here at Eventide, the Victorian Aged Care Response Centre (VACRC) has published guidance for Isolated and Quarantined Staff who are asymptomatic, isolated and quarantined can perform key roles remotely, providing support to management, enhancing resident and family communications, and continuing to engage with their workplace. The guidance provides advice on the role, responsibilities and activities these staff members can provide, as well as support that can be provided from residential aged care facilities.

Staff Information

Any queries regarding COVID19 can be emailed direct to