Hi everyone

With changes pending to the Executive and Senior Management Team of Eventide Homes, the CEO and Board are excited to provide a series of notifications over the next couple of months to ensure team members of Eventide Homes remain informed of changes.

The Eventide Homes Executive, Senior Management Team, and Board are developing short and long term strategies to ensure the Residents and team members of Eventide Homes are supported and maintained within a secure and stable operations environment during this period.

A strategy already in place sees two members of the Registered Nurses team, (Bryll and Elena), embracing new responsibilities and engaging with the clinical care teams to ensure ongoing high levels of service and care to residents while providing professional development opportunities to team members.  Tracey Gemmill has been contracted to undertake Clinical Oversight, which includes phone support for Nurses in Charge and review of Clinical information daily.

In the short term, the senior management team will introduce and utilise external and existing internal expertise and skills to maintain the high level of operations all stakeholders currently enjoy.

In the long term, we have engaged an agency to actively recruit a CEO and a Residential/Clinical Manager who will bring the professionalism, energy and innovation that is synonymous with Eventide Homes.

Julie Dunn

Board Chair, Eventide Homes (Stawell) Inc.