On behalf of the Board of Eventide Homes, Stawell, I am writing to let you know our CEO Sue Blakey has decided to retire, with her last working day to be 30th July 2021.

The Board has accepted her resignation with regret and wishes her every success and happiness as she moves to another phase in her life.

Sue has been a tireless worker for Eventide Homes since joining the staff in 2000. Her enthusiasm for supporting residents and ensuring the best success of the organisation has been evident throughout her career.

As CEO she has ensured a high standard of care was provided for all residents, as well as support for activities, encouraging staff and volunteers to bring creative visitors into Eventide and take residents out on trips. She has overseen the inclusion of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Allied Health workers who have then assisted resident’s enjoyment of life.

Sue’s focus has always been on promoting the best outcomes for residents and staff – and she has ensured opportunities are provided for staff training and advancement where possible. Building strong, caring teams of people to work with residents has been important to Sue and this has made Eventide Homes “A great place to live”.

Physically a lot of Eventide Homes is testimony to Sue’s good negotiation skills and ability to manage costs. At the same time Sue placed a high priority on working and buying locally, so the whole community has benefitted from the business success of Eventide Homes. Where possible, local material suppliers have supported local tradies to create new facilities for residents to enjoy, or to renovate existing buildings to bring them up to modern expectations.

Sue has enjoyed over twenty one years working at Eventide Homes. The Board and I thank her for her hard work, commitment and unswerving loyalty to delivering the best care possible to residents. We wish her well in her future endeavours.

Julie Dunn

Board Chair, Eventide Homes, Stawell.