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Bupa Volunteers

At Bupa we believe that maintaining our residents’ connections with their local communities is an important part of ensuring quality of life.

Our structured Volunteer Program welcomes volunteers into our care homes, encouraging you to share your passion, interests and skills with our residents. Register your interest as a Bupa Volunteer by filling out our contact form and selecting ‘volunteer with us’ from the drop down.

Why Volunteer?

We know that 36 percent of Australia’s adult population currently volunteer – that is more than 6 million volunteers nationwide. People choose to volunteer for a wide variety of reasons, however most agree the key motivating factor is that volunteering provides individuals with a sense of purpose. Research indicates that volunteering can actually provide individual health benefits to volunteers, as well as social benefits for its recipients. (www.volunteeringaustralia.org)

Why Volunteer with Bupa?

As a Bupa Volunteer, you have the opportunity to interact with our inspiring residents, allowing you to learn about their diverse experiences and life stories.

At Bupa we understand that everyone is different, that one size doesn’t fit all. Therefore we encourage volunteers to share a wide variety of skills and passions with our residents, giving them the opportunity to participate in new experiences and activities.

This means that Bupa Volunteers have a choice; we don’t tell our volunteers what to do, we give you the opportunity to volunteer in a manner which allows you to make the most of your passions and hobbies. Your role as a Bupa Volunteer is limitless.

Our Volunteer Program will no doubt provide you with very personal benefits; you may feel a sense of belonging, giving back to the community, helping others or a sense of being valued.

In addition to personal benefits, our structured program will provide you with the support to develop professionally. You will have the opportunity to learn through our internal education and training programs as well as having access to our Employee Assistance Program and open invitations to care home social celebrations and events.

As a Bupa Volunteer you will be welcomed into our Bupa family, giving you the opportunity to be part of a vibrant and social community, make some new friends and experience the diverse personalities of our residents.

How to become a Bupa Volunteer

If you are interested in becoming a Bupa Volunteer, please visit the Bupa site via the contact form and select ‘volunteer with us’ from the drop down – remembering to select ‘Eventide Homes’ as the care home you wish to volunteer at. For further information or additional queries please email volunteers@bupacare.com.au.