Dear residents.
As your Resident Advocate, I write to you with an update on the latest things happening here at Eventide Homes.
Our CEO, Gary, has met with me this morning and informed me of some good news. We might have reached the magical number of zero active cases, but our staff are just querying one of the results to be certain. Either way, it’s looking quite promising. I know that all residents are looking forward to mingling and enjoying each other’s company again.
The staff don’t have to wear gowns anymore, but they still must wear a face mask and face shield for everybody’s protection.
We have a special visitor who will be working with Eventide Homes for a while. Loretta is a Registered Nurse and consultant, and she will be here advising our staff on the best possible ways of looking after our residents. Please make Loretta feel welcome.
As your advocate, I encourage you to raise with me any concerns or ideas you have about your care or living here. You are welcome to visit me at Grampians Room 12 for a discussion. You may then either accompany me to Gary’s office, or I can advocate to Gary on your behalf without you there. I will do whichever way you want.
Those of us who have not had COVID, or those who have recovered and do not feel unwell, are able to go out for external appointments. Please make sure that you wear a mask, and remind your loved ones that it is best if you wear a mask to protect yourself.
I will give you another update as soon as possible.
Stay well, and God Bless you all.

Rod Tonkin Gary Simpson
Resident Advocate CEO