Dear residents,
This is an update for you regarding the current COVID outbreak at Eventide Homes.
We currently have 46 active cases of COVID amongst residents. Most of our residents are quite well, but a small number of others have symptoms of COVID and require extra care.
All staff look a bit strange at the moment because they are dressed in gowns, face masks and face shields for everybody’s protection. We have told our staff to talk slower and a little louder so you can hear them from under their masks.
Our staff have received extra help to care for you. We have a group of nurses and carers who are experienced in helping aged care homes during COVID – these people work alongside our own staff. Later today we will have three nurses from the Australian Defence Force join us for a week or so.
If possible, we would like you to stay in your rooms to reduce the spread of COVID, or increase your chances of not catching COVID. You are free to move around, but please try and stay in your part of the building as much as possible.
You can still have visitors. Eventide has contacted all families and told them that family can visit if you are stressed about being in lockdown. They must wear the same odd looking protective clothing that staff are wearing, but can only visit you in your room. They must also keep wearing their protective clothing when in your room.
Gary has had to move his office during lockdown, so at the moment we can’t visit him as in the past. However, if you write a message for Gary and ask a nurse or carer to hand it to me, I can speak with him on your behalf as our Resident Advocate.
Stay well, and God Bless you all.
Rod Tonkin Gary Simpson
Resident Advocate CEO